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  • Aluminized Moisture Barrier Bag(ANMBB), Static Shielding Bag(SSB), Transparent Moisture Barrier Bag(TMBB)

    Aluminized Moisture Barrier Bag(ANMBB)

    This bag is for less moisture sensitive components.

    Static Shielding Bag(SSB)

    Static shielding bag rs manufactured by depositing a thin metal coating, like aluminum over an antistatic polyester film substrate. This metalized layer protects the devices and the components in the bag from electrostatic fields.

    There are two types of metalrzed shielding bags, Metal-ln and Metal-Out, in the market based on the position of metalized layer. Our SSB is the Metal-ln type, which has metalized layer inside.

    Transparent Moisture Barrier Bag(TMBB)

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