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  • Tyvek Moisture Barrier Bag(Tyvek MBB), Aluminum Moisture Barrier Bag(AMBB)

    Electro Static Discharge(ESD) is nothing new, but its effect on electronic components is serious when it is not properly controlled. Uncontrolled ESD sometimes causes only partial damage, but sometimes destroy electronic components totally. Together with controlling of ESD, moisture is also essential to be controlled for sensitive devices and components.

    Apart from personal grounding, ESD controlled work place, sensitive goods should also be well protected from ESD and moisture during transportation and storage.

    There are several types of packaging bags in the market, but more difficult thing is to find a suitable bag for your applications.

    Tyvek Moisture Barrier Bag(Tyvek MBB)

    This bag is ideal for moisture sensitive devices or components, and especially suitable for sharp-shape components thanks to its excellent puncture resistance.

    Aluminum Moisture Barrier Bag(AMBB)

    This bag is good chorce for any kinds of moisture sensitive devices and components. Depending on the products stored and the periods of storage, you have several selections on AN/BB by total thickness of the bag and thickness of AL foil layer.

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