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    PE Protection Films

    Polstar PE Protection Film(PPF) is wldely used in various objects that need surface protection from outer impact, contaminations, scratches, etc. The main applications are for starnless steel, AL sheets, acrylic sheets, power coated steel, wooden flooring, PVC sheets and many others.

    Ustng acrylic base adhesive, PPF does not make adhesive migration to other materials and does not leave any residue either after removing the Protection Film.

    ln order to meet various customer's needs. PPF has several different adhesive levels and any customized adhesive levels are also available on request.

    Antistatic type is also available on request.

    PET Protection Film

    • Good ESD Properties on backing and adhesive sides
    • Semi-permanent ESD Properties
    • No migration
    • Very Low-tack removal adhesive
    • Applications
      Use in the areas where the Oeneration of static
      electricity is concerned

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